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Eye Massager
Eye Strain Causes

The eyes are one of the most important part of the human body as they help us see the world, literally and maybe figuratively. Perhaps, you have been watching the news for some of the latest developments regarding the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, or you are trying to find out which character eventually got what they deserved on your favorite show or series, and your eyes start to itch or burn, or you are tired and irritated after gazing into that TV or in another case, that computer for a while, then you might have what is called an eye strain. But relax, eye strain is a very common condition globally, so it is not a death sentence.

Apart from internal organs such as the heart and the brain, our eyes are one of the most used organ of the body. It has a number of components which could include the cornea, iris, pupil, lens, retina macula and so many others. In the instance where one or some of the parts have been excessively stretched or overused, it would usually result in a malfunction from the other parts of the eyes, this would then translate to an eye strain. Eyestrains can be caused by constant exposure to indecent light from a torch with low battery or a florescent that is not bright enough, or harsh light, mostly from your devices like smartphones, laptops tablets and so on.

Generally, eye strains are caused by constant exposure to digital screens for a very long time. As it is the case nowadays, where we have a plethora of devices and life has gotten more digital. Most people are almost always fixed on their phones and devices for several hours and this can cause our eyes to react in different ways. Other times, eye strains could be caused by an inadequately lit area or environment, stress, fatigue or experiencing poor vision as a result of some other factor.

Most of the time, eye strains are easily curable, all you have to do is to relax and rest your eyes for a while. In the event that you start experiencing some of the symptoms of eye strain which could include but not limited to headaches (which could lead to other serious eye problems such as muscle imbalance or the need for correctional glasses), blurriness of vison and sight, several feeling of dryness in and around the eye, heavy sensation around the eye lids and other unique types of discomfort, then you might want to contact your optician, or a doctor who is an expert in the field.

This condition can however be corrected through the use of an eye massager.

Who can Use an Eye Massager?

Specifically, it could be used by high school students who are mostly stuck to their laptops and devices, operators and people in the professional industries, such as accountants, machine workers, lawyers, secretaries and so on. People who experience eye defects and underlying conditions such as myopia, astigmatism and so on might also benefit for eye massagers. Generally, people who have shown various signs and symptoms of eye strain such as headache, eye pain, insomnia, itches and so on, can use an eye massager.

Are Eye Massagers safe to Use?

As a matter of fact and ease, they are. Eye massagers are easy and safe to use for everyone. Most opticians would recommend them for people who spend half the time with computers and some other digital devices, as a precaution against sight imbalance, vision impairment or eye damage. It may come as an option for most people, but it is recommended for people who are constantly exposed to devices such as computers and mobile phones, as a means of preventing fundamental damage to their eyes.

However, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before using eye massagers as it may not be the best or immediate course of action for patients of cataracts, or other eye infections. It is also important for parents to pay attention as these machines are not mere tools for babies and young children.

Eye Massager Benefits

Apart from reducing eye strain and improving the health of your eyes and your vision, Eye massager can stimulate the eyes to help you reduce accumulated eye fatigue, thus improving blood circulation around the eyes and smoothening out eye wrinkles. This would reduce the overall occurrence of eye strains and improve your sight in the process. Eye massagers can also reduce the periorbital dark circles. These are dark circles beneath the eyes which could be as a result of not getting adequate sleep, or fatigue. An eye massager is an important machine to have if you intend to reduce or eliminate these symptoms, and improving the health of your eye on the long run.

How Does an Eye Massager Work?

Eye massagers are either wearable or in the form of a roller and while one looks like a virtual reality headset, the other type is much less mechanical and more handy as you can massage your eyes by using your own hands. You are free to choose whichever one is comfortable for you and your pocket.

Eye massagers work by applying pressure on different parts of the eye and stimulating the retinas at different angles and frequencies so that the process would affect every nerve and muscle. Some are usually based on temperature which in turn improves the flow of blood around the eye areas. This type is useful for sore eyes and dry eyes related symptoms.  Some massagers come with a musical component to improve relaxation and help the user eliminate stress and anxiety.

Depending on the severity of the symptom, eye massagers can be used as a part of normal, daily skincare routine in the case where regular usage does not cause skin irritation. Also, it is important to note that results may depend on the frequency and time of the usage, but for more information on the timing, frequency and the effectiveness, always refer back to the manual of the machine.


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